Hakutatz Pocket Size RGB+AW LED Light


The Power of Light

Light is so universal to the lives that people often forget about it altogether. Photographers and filmmakers, of course, do not need that luxury. Anyone who has made a spare time activity or career out of taking photos understands all too well exactly what lighting may do to a picture – for better or for worse. When you put plenty of thought and effort into your lighting, you might find the difference that it makes in your results. Likewise, poor lighting will almost always cause disappointing shots. Needless to say, it is far from easy to get the lighting that you want – especially with consistency. The real world is an unforgiving place, and you will need to be ready for whatever may come.

Better Photography through Convenient Lighting

Utilizing the Hakutatz RGB+AW LED Light, better lighting – and consequently better photography – is definitely within your reach. A pocket-sized, rechargeable LED light, the Hakutatz RGB+AW LED Light delivers high-quality amber and white light reliably, exactly things you need to create your photography to a whole new level. You can select from a broad spectrum of RGB lighting options, tweaking as necessary and finally taking absolute control within the pictures that you will be taking.

The Hakutatz RGB+AW LED connects to your iOS or Android smartphone so that you can program the color temperature (in Kelvin), RGB color, and even special effects quickly and easily, navigating the user-friendly LCD display to produce changes on the fly. You need to use single or multiple lights, combining the results however you will need to – unleashing your full creativity once and for all.

Express Yourself

Your chosen lighting techniques, your favorite background lighting styles, the most effective accent lights, different diffusion options, and a wide range of lighting colors are all within your reach anywhere and everywhere when you are carrying the Hakutatz RGB+AW LED light. Whether you need to separate the backdrop from the foreground or add a bit more vibrancy to your photography, this is actually the tool that you'll require to do so. Bright as a spotlight, that is RGB lighting like you've never seen it before – far surpassing something that gel filters can perform and invigorating your lighting without decreasing the lighting output through advanced RGB Color, CCT, and Effects modes.

Technical Details

  • Model: HTZ 152 RGBAW

  • Red/Green/Blue/Amber/White

  • Number Of LED 152 LED ( 40 White LED, 40 AmberLED, 72 RGB LED )

  • HUE  360 Color

  • Color Rendering (RA)  96+ CRI

  • Color Temperature  3000-6500K

  • Saturation  1-100%

  • Brightness  O.5m  1480 Lux

  • Brightness Range  10 – 100%

  • Mount  1/4-20 Mount

  • Max Power  12W

  • Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery  3.7 V 2900 mAh

  • Max Input  2.4A / 12W

  • Connection  USB-C (5V 2.4A)

  • Size 127 X 75 X 16 mm

  • Weight  170g

  • Item In Package  RGB LED Light

  • 1/4 Hot Shoe Adapter

  • USB-C Cable

  • Carrying Bag

Efforts to Date

Since 2000, Shaoxing Minfa Photographic Equipment Co., Ltd., has developed cutting-edge products, and as we check out the long run, we all know which our US branch represents a huge step forward for us. We've spent a year developing the Hakutatz RGB+ AW Hakutatz Pocket Size RGB AW LED Light LED Light, and Hakutatz Pocket Size RGB AW LED Light we're confident that the product will probably land with a dash, drawing attention from the photography community at large. Innovative and unique, this can be Hakutatz Pocket Size RGB AW LED Light a lighting tool that every photographer will want to own.

What Comes Next

As we transfer to the US, we're putting a lot of our resources into understanding the market. We have experienced the patenting and distribution processes in China and the EU, but we all know that numerous details will be different between those processes and those who we're managing currently. Experts at creating top-quality photography LED lighting products, we bring to the table a lengthy history of success – and a surety in what we must do to get more success. To put ourselves securely, though, we could use some outside help.

What We Need & What You Get

Right now, we attended for your requirements, Kickstarter for help raising the funds that we have to transfer to the US market effectively. Our goal through this campaign is to boost $8800,  that'll significantly defray the costs which can be before us.

To state thanks to everyone who makes a contribution to this campaign, we're offering some exciting rewards, including exclusive discounts on the Hakutatz RGB+ AW LED Light.

Create a contribution now and claim your Hakutatz RGB+ AW LED Light on the early-access schedule!

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